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Starting with Why
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We would like to host a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to empower students to become leaders in their communities and advocates for human rights. A UPR is an advocacy opportunity for the community to engage the UN on strengthening human rights in the United States by having an organic, open group discussion resulting in constructive and specific feedback in the form of observations and recommendations for the U.S. federal government via written notes. In addition to the feedback for the U.S. government, our UPR will also focus on local action, both what students can do and what we can do as a community.

Through sharing their experiences and recommendations, students will hear about the adversities of others, reflect on the human rights issues affecting their communities and learn the importance of taking local action. Students will practice how to be good leaders, by listening to others as the first step to implementing change, while getting the opportunity to actually give feedback to the United Nations about human rights issues they care about.